Island Activities

Martha’s Vineyard has plenty to do for everyone! From exciting night life to family friendly farms, Martha’s Vineyard has it all, and the Harborside Inn in at the heart of it all! Check out some of the fun local activities you can participate in on the island.

Martha’s Vineyard and Edgartown Dining

Martha’s Vineyard and Edgartown are known for an amazing array of dining options whether you looking to sit outside and enjoy amazing views to delighting in some of the islands fresh fish or seafood.

Edgartown Lighthouse

The Edgartown Lighthouse is a forty-five-foot-high white cast-iron tower with a black lantern atop flashing red every six seconds. The lighthouse serves as a giant whipping post for the sea.

Farms and Nature

Many do not realize that farming and agriculture are not only a very important part of island history but also a big part of life on Martha’s Vineyard today.


Martha’s Vineyard, is a great place to fish. Explore the water with a fun day of fishing with one of our preferred Charter Captains. Whether you’re a novice or experienced fisherman, there’s a Martha’s Vineyard charter to suit your needs.


The beaches of Martha’s Vineyard are some of the most popular vacation spots on the East Coast. Whether you are looking for a family friendly beach with calm surf, a majestic view of the sunset, or the exhilarating waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard offer an escape for everyone.

Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard Island lies 7 miles off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. It is 9 miles wide and 23 miles long at its furthest points and has a total land area of just under 100 square miles.
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